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Discover the fascinating history and renovation story of the Carlisle Building, one of Chillicothe, Ohio's most noteworthy landmarks.

Built in 1885 and located in the heart of historic downtown Chillicothe, OH, the Carlisle Building has long been considered the crown jewel of the city. When a fire gutted the building in 2003, the future of the Carlisle was thrown into doubt for more than a decade after multiple attempts to restore the building stalled. Now, the Carlisle once again sits as the city’s crown jewel, housing medical students from the local hospital’s residency program.

Take a fascinating dive into the history of the Carlisle; the family who built it and what happened to the building after it left family hands, the hard times it ran into, and the fire that almost destroyed it. Learn about the arson investigation and the renovation efforts that eventually restored the Carlisle to its former glory.

From the author:

"The Carlisle Building has a history that very few buildings have any more.  It has a life of its own that has provided treasured memories for generations of people that have walked through its doors.   Many people thought the building was important enough to try to save it when others wanted to destroy it.   The Carlisle Building started its journey as “the crown jewel of Chillicothe”.   It went through some really hard times.  But I think no one can argue that it is now once again the crown jewel of Chillicothe."

  In the Works  

From the Author:

"I am currently writing my next book centering on a select group of individuals from Ohio.  They are your friends, relatives, neighbors, and family members.  These people are set apart from others you may know because of their acts of extreme valor in combat.  Many of these people don’t talk about their actions, simply saying they were doing their job.  I believe their heroism is a story worth telling."


    About Melody Lapczynski    


Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, Melody Lapczynski moved to Columbus, Ohio in her twenties, and relocated to Chillicothe in 2005. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA).  She has two sons with families of their own who call her “Grammy”. 


She's had a lot of different kinds of jobs over the years.  She started out as a secretary and moved into other things from there.  Places included Nationwide Insurance (corporate office), Borden Foods, a lot of time with the State of Ohio (as a Contract Manager in the Medicaid Department, Public Affairs Office of the State Highway Patrol, Customer Service Rep for OBES Employment Services).  She has taught college classes at Daymar College and worked the 2010 Census.  The last seven years before she retired, she was the Manager at Frank’s Pawn Shop, just two doors down from the Carlisle Building in Chillicothe.


From the Author:
"When the renovation started, I was the manager at Frank’s Pawn Shop which is located next to the Howson Building. I started watching all of the activity and I kept thinking “I hope someone is recording all of this”.  It didn’t seem like anyone was, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Because of my proximity, I was able to go into the building 4, 5, 6 days a week during the renovation. It’s like something clicked inside me.  It truly became a passion for me."