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Learn about the lives of true American heroes as recognized and honored by the Ohio Military Hall of Fame.

In 2019 my brother-in-law, Roger Bacon, was inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame.   I was overwhelmed at the induction ceremony hearing the stories of incredible courage and sacrifice by these individuals who - every single one - said they were just doing their job.  That the real heroes were the people that did not return home.  I believe both is true and I wanted to tell their stories.  These people are your friends, relatives, neighbors, and family members.  I also wanted the reader to learn more about the individual's life, before, during, and after the war when possible.  Due to space restrictions, I could only show a limited number, but if you go out to "" you can see all of the individuals who have been inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame since its first class in 2000. 

The Ohio Military Hall of Fame began over lunch.  A group of Vietnam combat veterans had been meeting regularly for informal lunches to reminisce and discuss issues of the day.  During one of those lunches, one of the men presented a concept to his fellow veterans – a way for Ohio to honor its heroic veterans in a unique and special manner.  From that lunch, the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor began.   Inductees are servicemen and women who have been decorated for heroism while in combat actions against armed enemies of the United States of America.   Each of these service members must have either been born in the state of Ohio or entered the military from Ohio.  The first ceremony was held in 2000 at the Ohio Statehouse and has been held every year since.  

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On May 5, 2023, I was honored to receive the Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor medal on behalf of the Richard Enderlin family.  Enderlin received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Civil War.

The Carlisle - the History and the Renovation

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Discover the fascinating history and renovation story of the Carlisle Building, one of Chillicothe, Ohio's most noteworthy landmarks.

Built in 1885 and located in the heart of historic downtown Chillicothe, OH, the Carlisle Building has long been considered the crown jewel of the city. When a fire gutted the building in 2003, the future of the Carlisle was thrown into doubt for more than a decade after multiple attempts to restore the building stalled. Now, the Carlisle once again sits as the city’s crown jewel, housing medical students from the local hospital’s residency program.

Take a fascinating dive into the history of the Carlisle; the family who built it and what happened to the building after it left family hands, the hard times it ran into, and the fire that almost destroyed it. Learn about the arson investigation and the renovation efforts that eventually restored the Carlisle to its former glory.

On June 21, 2021 the Ross County Historical Society presented me with the First Capital Historical Award for my book "The Carlisle - the History and the Renovation".  As an author, it is so nice to be recognized for all your hard work and effort.  It is also truly humbling.

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Adena Health System, who purchased the Carlisle Building, requested a special run on "The Carlisle - the History and the Renovation" in Adena blue.


About Melody Lapczynski Hatfield  

From the author:

"The Carlisle Building has a history that very few buildings have any more.  It has a life of its own that has provided treasured memories for generations of people that have walked through its doors.   Many people thought the building was important enough to try to save it when others wanted to destroy it.   The Carlisle Building started its journey as “the crown jewel of Chillicothe”.   It went through some really hard times.  But I think no one can argue that it is now once again the crown jewel of Chillicothe."


Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, Melody Lapczynski Hatfield moved to Columbus, Ohio in her twenties, and relocated to Chillicothe in 2005. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA).  She has two sons with families of their own who call her “Grammy”. 



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